Q: My ford ranger truck started making some weird noise. on 2000 Ford Ranger

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I have a 2000 ford ranger; out of nowhere it started making this weird noise that i believe is coming from the front wheels. My passanger tells me that she can hear it coming from my side (left front wheel) but i think it is coming from both sides of the front wheelss. I have never had any problem with that truck at all. I take really good care of her and i keep it well maintain. Oil changes, air filters, spark plugs, wiring, it has a new battery, my mechanic recently change the break pads - like 5 months ago. So there is no way that it could be the break pads, i am thinking about the break rotor. As i am turning at about 5 mph you can hear the noise coming from the front wheels. I haven't taken her to my mechanic because i moved; he is the only one i trust my truck to. So before I make a three hour drive can someone help out here or at least him me some sort of an idea of where to begin looking.
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A visual inspection of the wheels and brakes may turn up something, but you need to know what to look for, and that is not easy to describe here.
I would not recommend driving 3 hours to get this looked at, there is without a doubt good mechanics near your new home. Look at the directory here:
Check out for more reviews a well.
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