Q: My exhaust is coming straight out the engine, not making it out to the muffler. on 1992 Buick Century

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I recently had a new transmission replaced. I guess in taking things apart, well things happen. but now when i drive, the ever present exhaust that used to come out the muffler is gone, it now comes directly out the engine. It looks like the (i would not say smoke although it is smokey in the exhaust way) comes directly out of the main engine where it turns right along the drivers side where some pipes begin the journey to muffler home. Is there a seal missing, a part, duct tape, anything I can do?
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i think your talking about the crossover pipe.return to the trans shop and see about getting them to repair. thay probably remove to r& r you trans. there is an exh donut in there but at times they are hard to seal up.otherwise seek help at a muffler shop
Thank you. I looked at a manual and it Is where the cross over seals and conects. I had a friend of the family do the work so. I guess to the muffler shop it is. Thank you.
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