Q: My ESC, ABS, and a light signaling that the awd isn't working on 2007 Hyundai Veracruz

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The lights had been on for 6 months. We live in NH, and have had no issue even with the indicator lights on. Up until this last snow storm 2/3/2014, and the AWD didn't work, only having front wheel drive. Has anyone had this issue?
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Same problem with mine. Just got it back from the Dealership. It is not related to the stop light switch recall which had been completed. Diagnosis was a "speed sensor," and the estimate for the repair was just under $500, including part and 3 hours labor. Said something about taking the axle out, but that's all the info the Mrs could provide.

I'm hunting for info on where the sensor is, and what replacement procedure is. Pretty sure I can replace it myself for less than $500
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The all wheel drive system shares inputs with the ABS and ESC systems. You need to have this scanned with a professional level scan tool to not only pull trouble codes from each of the control modules, the technician will also have to monitor scan data for the input sensors and perform specific circuit testing to prove what is wrong.