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Q: My engine light came on, vehicle started to tremble in 6th gear, then engine shu on 2008 Lincoln Navigator

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then engine shut off. Engine will start but appears to loose compression and will only accelerated to approx 20 mph. 90,000 miles on odometer.
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It could be many things, unfortunately and without experiencing the problem first hand or being able to do some basic diagnostic tests its hard to say. If the Check Engine Light comes on there is a code stored in the computer of your car. The code needs to be retrieved using a scan tool. Without knowing the codes stored its impossible to know where to start looking.
Thanks, of course the dealership is trying to tell me that I need a new engine, and of course $11,000 for a new engine. Vehicle is probably not worth investing that kind of money. I had an Expedition with the 5.4l engine and got 150,000 before it was wrecked by my son. Of course the dealership is running a big trade-in promotion and until the break-down was chasing me for the vehicole.

Anyway, I am planning to take it to another auto/truck repair center on Monday, a company that maintained my Expedition after I had a fall-out with a previous Ford dealership.

Thanks, much appreciated, I will inquire about the code.
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