Q: My engine ir reving, and jerking. Do I need a new transmission. on 2000 Lexus RX300

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My car is reving and jerking. No matter how much I pressed on the gas the car would go no more than 20 miles and hour, and if I tried to go faster the car would almost stock and the enging reved like I was just sitting still. I pulled into the driveway, put the car in reverse to back up, and then put the car in drive and it continued to go in reverse.
(3) Answers
Either a transmission problem or....hopefully the transmission position sensor is all that needs replaced (TPS sensor) Either way you will probably need a diagnostic done at a trans. shop.
My car is slow starting. I recently had a new battery, but it is still slow starting. I have to press the key hard into the ignition and after several trys it will start. I have haD A sensor replaced and a tune up, butI am still having a slow start problem.
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