Q: My electric door locks are draining my battery. Why? on 2001 Saturn SL1

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I can lock both front doors with key. Not back. If I push the lock button on either back door, I hear a "static" sound. Next morning my battery is dead. Started two days ago.
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You probably are right. We were able to "by-pass" whatever is going on, by removing a fuse. Meanwhile, I have no dome light, and my door mirrors are sort permanently in place. There is no drain on the battery, it would appear, and I'm at least able to drive it. I also can manually lock the doors. It will have to do, until the proper repairs can be made.
check it soon because my moms car had the door locks constantly going up and down even with the car turned off. it drained the battery dead in one hour
Thank you. That's the plan. Finding someone who knows what to do, and how to do it, will take a day or two.