Q: my E320 1997 MERCEDES-BENZ CHECK Engine light come on in idle and then skip ? on 1997 Mercedes-Benz E320

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rough idle then rpm drop low i replace all coil pack and all
spark plugs and wires also check engine light blink and stay
on after resetting what could cause that problem
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Hello Greg thanks for your advised on the check Engine light issues i check and found code p0110 p0100 p0460
and p0300 boyse
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po100 mass air flow,po110 intake air temp,po460 fuel level sensor and po300 random misfire. seek diag and repair
my e320 1997 mercedes- benz check engine flashing then stay on auto zone check it and say misfire from 5 and 6
what you think could cause this problem i replace all plugs and three coil packs same problem can some one tell
me ?
I had the check engine read misfired 5 and 6 plugs so i replace all plugs and wires problem come back again
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