Q: My crossfire will boog down in heavy traffic and sometimes it will misfire on 2007 Chrysler Crossfire

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The RPM will fall off and I will have to pull over and restart the car and it will run fine then will do the same thing again
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I would need to have the vehicle to run a few test and check a couple pressures to know for sure what the cause is but I would start with the 2 most common things I have seen cause this problem on almost any vehicle. 1st check for restricted exhaust usually in the Cat. Converter(has your check engine light come on? Do you have any modifications?) or muffler. When a converter or muffler starts to break apart internally they can act just like a wet/dry vacuum when it is full of water and no more air flow, shut it off, turn it on and is ok briefly until the airflow shifts a broken piece that blocks the air flow just like the ball in the full vacuum. Similar can happen when a fuel filter is almost plugged. I would check those first if I had not DTCs to validate. If you need any help with the diagnosis or repair call Andrew or Kris at 456-0722,Thanks Jim CarMasters Automotive
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