Q: my check engine light stays on.also my low coolant light comes on alot.why? on 2000 Chevrolet Impala

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is the reason the check engine light is on because of the low collant level? or something else?
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Have a scan test to find out why the check engine light is on.
Have the cooling system pressure tested to find the leak(s).
Are you running the right coolant, there is a coolant sensor on the passenger side on the radiator that could be corroded and bad easy fix can get sensor at local parts house, try reseting codes by yourself simple procedure, put key in ignition turn power on but do not start pump gas pedal three times within five seconds turn off wait a few then start also clean battery terminals and make sure all fuses and relays under hood and inside car drivers side of dash are all good and in all the way. I recommend replacing coolant sensor which you have to remove battery for easier access cleaning battery connections flushing radiator before resetting codes. Use correct coolant. Also could your LIMG. Lower intake manifold gasket sending the lights. Hope this helps
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The check engine light may be on because the coolant is low, but you may have multiple problems going on. What are the diagnostic trouble codes? These vehicles have intake manifold problems that cause coolant leaks, or it could be the radiator, hoses etc. It should be inspected by a local shop to see what's going on.
thank u for the reply. i do seem to leak some anti-freeze on the drivers side of the car. but not alot. but enough that the collant light comes on.
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