Q: My check engine light is blinking. on 2004 Volkswagen Passat

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my car is almost like sputtering when i speed up. i have no clue whats going on with it. it acts almost as if it could possibly be a fuel filter but the blinking check engine light caught my eye. any answers??
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I am no mechanic but I have a 2002 caravan and I had the problem with sputtering and I had a tune up and oil change it got a little better but the guy then unhooked the fuel sensor and it stopped sputtering but the engine light in on now. I drove it over 800 miles from NC to SW Florida with no sputtering at all. so maybe that could give you a place to start. OH and gas mileage is much better when I keep it over half full now.
Coil Packs are bad, very common issue with the Passat, don't drive it, you will burn up your catalytic converter. Make sure you use VW approved coil packs. Also check your oil level and make sure there is not to much oil, that could be a cause of your problem.
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