Q: My check coolant level error message keeps coming on. What may be the cause? on 2004 Cadillac DeVille DTS

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My check coolant error message lit up on my dashboard display, and will go of when I reset the the info button. However, when I turnthe engine off and park it for a few minutes, the check coolant light will come on again. I have had the lower engine gasket; new radiator; new surge tank; and new thermostat replaced. All these changes occured during the last year while my engine was out of the body of the car for the lower engine work. Now I have the check coolant level light coming on. Please advise.
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I took my DTS to my local Independent Cadillac Repair shop. A pressure check was done; and other diagnostic tests were conducted to rule out a head gasket or other costly repairs. The surge tank and the sensor was determined to be the problem. Repair completed; my car is now running cool and smooth.
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