Q: my car wont start i got a new battery and replaced the plugs code po155 on 1998 Acura TL

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what doo i do next to get it running
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The code is for an air fuel ratio sensor malfunction
shouldn't cause the car not to start. Did he car start prior to the battery installation? Could a fuse or fuse link have gotten blown during the battery installation? Does the engine crank over? Check to see if you have fuel at the fuel rail on cranking and spark at the coil.

Check for fuel pressure (you will need a fuel pressure gauge and look up the specified fuel pressure for your vehicle). Remove the fuel hose that goes to the fuel rail and get a friend to crank over the engine to see you have adequate fuel volume (you should have approximately 1 pint of gasoline in ten seconds of cranking). Off course take proper precautions as gasoline is highly flamable. Next "listen" to the fuel injector. Using a mechanic's stethoscope (or use a long screw driver placing the handle end up to your ear place the metal tip end of the screwdriver against the body of the fuel injector), get a friend to crank over the engine while you "listen" to the fuel injector listen to each injector at the same point of the injector body. You should hear "click, click, click" as the injector is electrically opened and closed by the computer. If the injector is not being triggered you will not have fuel getting into the engine's cylinders. Disconnect the electrical connector at the fuel injector with the ignition key in the "on" position, (next position after the accessory position) you should have 12 volts at one of the two wires at the injector. This true for most vehicles but you need to consult a workshop manual for your vehicle to see that this is true for your vehicle. When the engine is running the second wire at the injector gets (triggered) grounded by the computer in your vehicle many times a second controlling exactly when and how much fuel gets injected into the engine.
To check for spark you will need to remove a coil but an old spark plug in the coil ground the spark plug and get a friend to crank over the car you should see a good healthy spark jump across the electrode but be-careful not to get shocked it wont electrocute you but the spark is 18 to 40,ooo volts.
No it didn't start b4 I replaced the batt and I checked all the fuses and there is gas at fuel line how do I check the coils for spark the engine sounds like it wants to start and it was running fine then I go to start it the next day after driving it and it won't start
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