Q: My car wont start by all the lights come on and windows work on 2002 Buick LeSabre

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My car has been having this problem for quite some time now. Most of the time if my car wont start I just let it sit for about 15 minutes and then it starts. But I want to get it fixed it has gotten me stranded twice. When I turn my ignition switch to on, my radio comes on, my lights and my windows work, but my car doesnt make any sounds and it wont come on at all. I dont know what it is, and I really want to get it fixed. It's not my battery, and i got my starter checked and it's not my starter. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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Everytime you put the ignition key in and turn it, you twist very small wires attached to the ignition lock cylinder. After years of this the little wires break on the inside and the ignition lock has to be replaced. You also have to have new keys cut with the right pellet at the base of the key. They have to cut new keys to fit the new lock cylinder and they have to have the same chip as the old keys to make the car start.
You need to get your ignition switch tested, as this is a very common problem on GM vehicles.
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I was wondering if you found out what was causing your starting problem? I have a 1996 Olds Aurora with basically the same starting problem that you have described. The dealer has replaced the battery, starter, and even the ignition key switch, still am having the same problem. The funny thing is that I can go 3-4 months without any problem, and then one day it doesn't start. The strange thing is that whenever I experience this starting problem, if I just let the car sit for about an hour, it will start without any problem.
I had the same problem on an old car of mine -- an 89 Pontiac Grand Prix. It turned out to be the neutral safety switch. Literally just move the gear shift between neutral and park until the switch engaged (or disengaged? been a while and I'll admit I don't remember which it was) and the car would start up just fine.