Q: My car won't start on 2003 BMW 330Ci

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My car wouldn't start this morning. There's been no previous problems, no warnings. All the lights,radio, etc. are working, but when I turn the ignition it doesn't do clicking, no sound at all. AAA came out and tried to boost the battery, but there was no change; however the battery wasn't tested (honestly, I don't know where the battery is located in this car). Any ideas? I'm puzzled since I've had absolutely no problems starting the car, and all of the sudden it won't start
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Few things they could be, in order of likelihood and common faults
-Battery (but should be OK as you mentioned a jumpstart had no effect)
-Starter motor
-Ignition switch
-EWS (immobilizer)

Check all fuses

-Battery voltage should be around 12v, above 9 when attempting to crank
-If not noise/confirmation of starter motor engagement, possible faulting solenoid or windings. Check activation wire
-If there is no 12v from the small black wire (start activation) on the starter, suspect ignition switch or EWS.

I suggest contacting your nearest mechanic, which can be located in the "find a shop" tab above.
Thanks for your help. Come to find out it was the starter. My brother replaced the starter, but now SES is on. He says it was fine after he first cranked the car after replacing starter, but it came on after the car was lifted to check for leaks. The car is running fine - just like before the starter motor went out. Do you think it needs resetting?
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