Q: My car wont start? on 2002 Saturn LW300

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2mths ago it was pooring hard. I smelled wires burning and my car died. GM told me it was the crank sensor & O2 sensors. I replaced them. Car wont start again tried to boost it didnt work. 2 days later AAA boosted it and started they told me i need battery. Got new battery. A wk later car wont start again. No fuel to engine change fuel pump & filter. Still car wont start! No fuel to engine. Any suggestions? Help me Please!
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if it started after a new battery, did you check the alternator output? Is it the same thing??
with no fuel to the motor, maybe a fuel pump failure.

Thank You Roy! I believe the alternator is good. I have no power going to the fuel pump.there is no fuel in fuel filter either. (fuel filter brand new. Not even wet.)It seems there is no ground going to the fuel pump. No fuel in fuel lines. Even cked fuel injectors. All good.Have any suggestions?
In the past month, on our 2002 Saturn LW 300 (186K miles), replaced:

O2 Sensors and Fuel Pump

each due to non-starting...Towed twice for free (only ray of sunshine). Total Cost $2000!

Car would not start only once since then. Saturn repair shop cannot diagnose problem until it won't start again.

This is not a question or an answer, just my experience. Looking for a new vehicle...