Q: My car wont go out of second gear. Engine light stays on and there is a whining on 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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car just started acting up. wont go into first gear, stays in second, will go in reverse but jumps hard when changing gear. mechanic tried to put a tester on it and it wouldnt "communicate"? with it. trying to determine what is wrong and what its going to cost to fix it.
. i have only had it like 4 days and up until yesterday it drove great. there is also a whining noise too.
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thanks.. We are supposed to take it back to him on Tuesday or Wednesday. Also read someplace that to check the fuses, and to try to disconnect the battery for a while and connect it back may reset the problem..ever heard of that?
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Sure; But if there's no com then it could be a wiring issue, B+ and grounds to the computer could be the reason for your problem. The mechanic should have known that and addressed that issue first. If that wasn't stated on the first visit, then you need to find someone else that knows what they're doing.
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