Q: my car wobbles and the steering wheel doesnt neither does the wheel. on 2001 Volkswagen Passat

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everytime you accelerate over 50mph the car starts to wobble and when you accelaerate over 50mph you feel the vibration in the accelaration pedal
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If you only feel the vibration when you are accelerating and it goes away when you let off the gas....I suspect it either has a worn inner C/V axle shaft joint or a worn or broken motor mount.
the wheel doesnt wobble the steering doesnt wobble either. also when your accelerating you here in one of the wheels like something is grinding and when it passes the 50mph mark it stops.
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It still sounds like one of the 2 things I mentioned but I would want drive car and feel it myself in order to know my advice is find a good tech in your area and let them check it for you.