Q: My car will not start or go into gear after replacing the radiator. on 1999 Honda Civic

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I just replaced the radiator and the sensor that plugs directly into the thermostat (don't know why I can't think of the name of it). And now my car will not start, or go into gear. When I turn the key to the "on" position, I do not hear the "click" from the gear shift after applying the brake. I checked all the fuses, and all look good. Any ideas??
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Yes, it is charges and hooked up. The lights and the radio come on and it tries to turn over, but I will not.
Does yours have an immobilizer system and if so does the green key light on guage panel flash continuously? And as far as it not coming out of park , first easy thing to check- brake lights - if brake switch is bad it will cause that.