Q: My car when it gets hot has trouble starting. It makes a clicking noise. on 2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

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did you try boosting it first if that doesnt work then where is the clicking noise coming from ? does the engine turn over when the clicking noise is there if not I would check your starter by having someone try to start it while you hit the starter with a hammer
The clicking noise was coming from the starter so we had the starter replaced. The car starts up but when you drive it than turn it off it won't start again right away. We'll get the clicking noise again. If we let it sit for a while than it will start up.
sounds like you either have a bad connection somewhere or a defective starter check your battery cables
The starter is brand-new. We just bought it two days ago. It's doing the same thing with the new starter as it did the old one. The one wire was corroded and we clipped the fitting part off and put a new fitting on.