Q: My car wants to miss at idle while in drive. on 1999 Infiniti I30

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This only happens in drive at an idle.All other speeds it never misses.
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The problem you're having has to do with your ignition coils. I just got done repairing the exact same problem it never missed unless braking or at idle. The problem is once the coils start to go it can affect your car but won't send a code to the CEL system, until the problem gets worse. The only thing it will affect is your mpg according to a friend who works at the local infiniti dealership and thats what he tells customers who don't want to pay 900 bucks to replace all the coils when only one is faulty. However, for aftermarket coils on ebay its about 150 bucks for all 6. Some don't recommend using these as opposed to the OEM coils but my I30 has 230,000 on it so it was a pretty easy decision for me. All I can say is even though it didn't affect my driving too much I am very pleased that the annoyance is gone. Hope this Helps