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Q: My car vibrates when going over 50 mph. 3 different repair shops said it was the on 1993 Subaru Legacy

right cv so had that fixed but it didnt change--was told to balace & align tires-that helped slightly but then tire place said all 4 wheels were out of round & I should replace all rims & tires--doesnt seem likely they all went out of round at once. Id had same tires on for 9 months with no problems & havent hit a curb or anything..? Almost out of $$ so need a educated guess--Thx
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ALL of the other suggestions are valid points. Maybe you can do some more diagnosis on your own (for us of coarse, but we won't pay you) - Some questions to ask yourself when driving; any distinct noise associated with the vibration? at the speed it starts to act up is it under light throttle , heavy throttle , or no throttle? As your driving , keeping into the throttle to maintain speed , LIGHTLY press on brakes and observe if there is any change in symptom. At speed of symptom , does it change at all when turning left or right? Is the vibration felt more through 'the seat of your pants' or through the steering wheel , or maybe the shifter and gas pedal? I could go on , but I'm sure you get my drift by now. We don't say it out loud when we are test driving cars , but , and guys correct me if I'm wrong! , that's maybe a tenth of what we look/listen/feel for on a test drive. Please post reply so we can advise. Or ignore if it's not that important anymore.
As you can see from the replies you’re getting, there isn’t an easy answer to your question. It could be tires or rims that have too much lateral or radial run out. Have these wheel and tire assemblies been checked and indexed on a road force wheel balancer then balanced? Also, besides tire and axle problems, worn bushings, suspension or steering components can cause hard to figure out vibrations. You need to take your vehicle to a reputable shop that will take the time to pinpoint your complaint. Just keep in mind that the repair can get costly.
If the car is 4 wheel drive check the drive shaft, also check left axle if right side was replaced. Kind of odd 4 fairly new tires are out of round. Also if vibration goes away over 60 65 mph could be tire balance. Good Luck
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