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Q: My car suddenly cuts out and dies while driving on 1995 Nissan Maxima

My car's morning start; 10 mile drive to office in morning and drive back in evening are always fine, but if I drive even couple of miles in evening, it cuts out on the road intermittently. The car starts fine after it has stopped but after a mile or so it cuts out again. Then after every start it dies out. Only after keeping the car shut for 5 mins or so allows it to start correctly for some time and then drive for some more time without issues. This is happening to me nearly everyday since a month now. I showed it to a shop and they suspected transmission failure. Hard to believe since the car easily runs for some miles everyday.

I had a mass air flow code for which I got that fixed by getting it cleaned. I even went for the fuel system cleaning to ensure that the gas supply is fine and the car is not dying because of irregular fuel supply.

Please help.
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Is the Check Engine/ Service Engine Soon Light on? If so the computer in your car is going to have relevant information stored in its memory which will help figure out what is going on. A scan tool is needed to retrieve this information. A professional grade scan tool allows key engine sensor data to be analyzed right off the scan tool without having to do intrusive testing at each sensor.
The engine needs three things to start, fuel (gasoline), ignition (spark) and mechanical integrity (it must develop compression in each cylinder to start ie mechanical components must be in synchronization with each other. If it had run well previous to this no start condition chances are the engine is well mechanically. Had the Check Engine light been on? The engine may have lost spark or fuel which could be due to any one of a number of sensors having failed or the fuel pump or related components are not delivering fuel to the fuel injectors. The engine uses many sensors to report engine temperature, air flow into the engine, crankshaft and crank shaft position sensors to allow the computer in your car to make calculations controlling fuel and spark to the cylinders. It is hard to speculate without being able to hear the engine crank over and do some preliminary tests to determine the cause of your no start condition.
good day sirs, my 95 maxima runs excellent until my foot is of the gas paddle then I need to start it again. by the way it did happen around two or three weeks ago when I noticed the radiator had no water and I replaced a small hose. now its does not stay on, did check the hoses and am not sure if there is any choke or some thing. please help.
Hello, I have a 1987 NIssan Maxima and had a very similar problem in which the car would cut off for no reason and sometimes not start and idle a bit roughly. In my case it was the distributor going bad and I had it replaced. One thing you can do to find out if it's electrical is check the voltage on the ignition coil when the car is having the problem, obviously if there's no voltage the car isn't going to run. You might also check the points (yes this car has mechanical points, which is pretty odd for a fuel injected 1987 model car) as well as the distributor button as these are much cheaper than replacing the whole distributor.
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