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My car seems to cut off when the RPMs are low or the brakes are applied!

(2004 Chrysler Sebring)
in Chattanooga, TN on July 12, 2010
My car has cut off twice. Once in Atlanta on June 23rd, I was stopped at a red light. And once last Thursday when I pulled up to a friend's house. As soon as I stopped, the car cut off. In Atlanta, the car turned right on, no problems. At my friend's house, it took a few more seconds for the engine to turn. Now, my check engine light is on (has been on since I bought the car last 09/09), but it's either the cat con or the back O2 sensor (I keep getting different answers as to which one it could be). My car stutters when I get past 45 miles. It also stutters like it wants to cut off when i'm sitting with my foot on the brake. When I put it in park, it won't vibrate as hard, but it'll still sound like it may possibly want to cut off.

Now, I've been told it could be the fuel pump/filter or some other issue. I don't have much money to throw around to get this issue figured out. But, with the way my car's running, I feel like it'll totally die on me at any moment. Someone please tell me what you think it could be! I have regular oil changes, and I've just had a transmission, and A/C flush. I just bought the darned thing in September of last year....hellllpppp! Thanks so much!
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on July 13, 2010
Can you let us know what diagnostic trouble codes were pulled from the engine computer? Have you had a shop perform a diagnosis or are they guessing as to what it could be?
on July 13, 2010
It said catalyst below threshold bank 1...if i remember correctly. And that's the only code that it shows...I appreciate your help very much! :-)
on July 14, 2010
That code can cause the light to come on but it's not likely it will cause the engine to stall out.
If I were you I would find a shop that can check to see if the engine computer has the latest software in it, and have it upgraded if it doesn't.
I'm not familiar with the emissions testing laws there, but if you have shops that perform emissions tests, I would look to take it to one of them.
Good Luck!
on November 11, 2010
Bank :) 1 :> Is your gateway to extending your knowledge of Oxygen sensors. Bank one is not a Bank you hold your favorite swatch in. It let's the cpu know exhaust to oxygen ratio. Change your O2 sensor. It's bad. duh...
on November 11, 2010
That's all very good, but each mechanic i meet has said it's either the O2 sensor or the one is no need to get condescending, sir...They're the ones who don't know. One says it's O2, next it's catcon. Even though I got it cut open and they said it was fine...he still says that's what it is. They're not about to nickel and dime me.
on February 27, 2013
Tell the service tech to check the MAP sensor. Part is about $120.
on May 13, 2013
This is my first time posting here.just wondering if you found out what the problem is? I own a 2002 .i have had the same problem for over two years. No one seems to know what it could be.its been a guessing thats pretty expensive. We started with the small stuff wires plugs ect.several different sensors.its at the forth shop as i post this.its a nice car i paid almost 6.000 for it ran fine for 4 months.also. bought a 99 model. After all the problems with both i sold my 99 model while it was still eunning good.i read about sebring they have a lot if electric. Problems and issues hard to figure out. Now i can sell this car and get not even half my money back. So im trying to get it fixed. One sho was about to replace the head .it sat there 2 months so we picked it up.due to the long wait. Now this shop says its not the head or it would be trying to run hot or using water.i wouldn't own another. Sebring. Its a cheap car eith lots of problems. Its sad chrysler cant even identify the problems. Sorry for spelling im on my phone its hard to correct it. Anyone has any ideals or girgired out what is wrong fue to their car experience pleade help. My car will crank run skip trying to shut off sy or when stopped parked or kust at stop seems like it would be simple fix but not ideal where or what to check next. Its a money pit.seems like a never ending story. Good looking peal white car but looks dont take me where i need to go my daughter wants tjis car but i gotta get this fixed begore putting her in it.thanks for any advice.
on February 08, 2011
I'm having the same problem with my '05. Still don't know what it is. After a while I started smelling fuel when idling or excelerating. After the temperture dropped significantly, the car just wouldn't start. The mechanic got it started and said the plugs were flooded with fuel, but the problem is still not found or fixed.

I need help too!
on February 11, 2011
Tenae,,, Start simple,,,make sure car is tuned up,, probably already have,,,one thing ALWAYS overlooked is the Vacuum lines and the EGR (forget what it is called--the valve that sends the unused gas back into the engine. I always mention the VAC lines cuz they are easy to check,,mostly all on top of the engine and if cracked (some are cheap plastic or thin rubber) or torn or not on will allow car to run,,,but just barely and IDLE will be a mess,,, easy to check, take ONE off at a time and if no good will most likely brake while taking off, which is fine cuz its at the state of either being broken or gonna break,,,,worth the check I guaruntee it (sorry about spelling errors) best of luck--start simple,, then go for computers or reloading software or whatever....most cars basic needs fuel,air, spark--thats it!! missing one and will run terrible
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