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Q: My car overheated, so I turned on the heater , it cooled down,then shut down. on 2001 Chevrolet Camaro

It stopped running and everything shut down, lights etc.I thought it was the altenator , but noticed that water was dripping from the water pump. I was told that the car has a sensor that shuts everything down when it gets hot. What do I need to do to get lights and everything to turn back on ? It has sat and is cold, but nothing will turn on.
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Check to see if ice is inside your discharged battery, if NO ICE try to recharge it. If ice has formed inside, replace the battery and fix the H20 pump along with any other drive belt and charging system problems.
A fully discharged battery contains nothing but water!! It freezes in cold weather! [32° or less]
Thanks, but it wasn't in freezing weather. It started right up before the car got hot. I drove it about a mile after I saw that the temp gage showed hot. after turning on the heater full blast and the fan , the temp went down to normal. after that the car stalled with the lights still on and the dash lights lit. I kept the lights on so I wouldn't get rear ended on the highway.
About 10 minutes later all the lights went out and it woulld not start.I was told that there is a sensor that will shut down everything when the car gets hot, have you heard about that happening ? If so, where do I find where that sensor is hidden ? Thanks for your help.
There is no such sensor! The lights went out because the battery was drained, that is why i gave the answer the way i did! And still think that is your problem. Maybe not the ice in battery but the rest holds true. That's my best guess anyway. Try a jump start.
I thought i read Texas, my bad, must have been anothr question i was thinking of but it's been cold in TX. lately!!
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Just a coincidence. Replace your water pump and thermostat. Then diagnose your electrical system. Check for blown fuses as well. Our shop in Concord could look at it but it's pretty far from you.
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