Q: MY car only goes 30 mph,and that's pedal to the metal. Any ideas? on 1998 Lincoln Town Car

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The problem occurred four weeks ago. I drive it around the neighborhood from time to time, just so i can keep the car moving.
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Driving this car will cause damage. I'm assuming you do not have the funds to get it checked out by a PAT.
what's up man, I took it to one mechanic already and he said i need a tranny. I have the funds,I just wanted to make sure that's the problem and not get ripped off.
if it only goes 30 mph, should set a code if a running problem. did they check codes?
No they did not check for code, I plan on going back up there this weekend and have him do that for me. Thanks MrFordman
Understand that the codes you need may not be in the "Generic OBDII" codes. Again you need a PAT.