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Q: My car loses power when EPC light comes on; has poor fuel economy; starts diffic on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

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My car loses power (when I am on the gas pedal, it starts pulsing/jerking around), and sometimes, not all the time (I believe it would everytime if i kept driving), the EPC light comes on, then it loses most of its power (some sort of system that saves the car ultimately). If I turn the car off and sit for a while, it goes away (again depending on how long a drive it for). This started two weeks ago. PLUS, my check engine light is on; the engine has been hard starting and has poor fuel economy. I was getting several faulty code such as
16497 - Intake Air Temp. Sensor (G42): Signal too High
16486- Mass Air Flow - Signal too low. Intermittent
well got a 1999 jetta vr6 that does the same thing.replaced spark plug wires and got the epc light to go out but the check engine light is still on drove it and it feels like it is stuck in third gear (automatic) and once it revs up to 6 thousand rpms on the tac it shifts and takes off like a rocket.check for codes and it says it has three tramission codes a knock sensor code and a temp sensor code on it.bought this car two years ago and someone had put a aftermarket radio in it and i think it has some germlins in this car it possed.i tnink instead of fixing it (found out some sort of round ball under the hood is missing) i would take my losses and sell the car for scrap at 25 bucks but i probably wouldnt get that at a junk yard.i hope someone out there can find out what your problem is so i can try it with this one also because it it taken up alot of space in my driveway
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