Q: My car lights come on after the car is turned off I bought a new battery,starter on 2002 Chevrolet Venture

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and a new fuel pump now the car will not start I've had the left signal lights replaced 2 times last year the front and back now I have to do them again also the power passenger door has gone haywire and the driver side power window to I have taken it to a repair shop.
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I'm sure that I am missing something that I hope is miner. It has been suggested that it could be one of the sensors in one of the systems or a Wire, Fuse. Which by the way I did replace myself two 10s one in the inside compartment the other one under the hood. Which is why I had it towed to a repair shop today.
That's what I would like to do but you know (Those who can do but those who can't don't) Till the money comes this year or next. So thank you for your insight.
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