Q: My car is using about a qt of oil every 400 miles but not smoking. on 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt

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The car is using oil but not smoking. I use it as a commuter and put about 800mi a week on it. There is oil in the air plenum where it connects to the valve cover. it stalls sometimes when I stop but runs fine on the highway. Still gets good mileage. The engine light is on but the codes say a vacuum error. I have checked all the hoses, and everything is tight What could this be?
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It has some new codes from 2 weeks ago when I took them last. P0014, P0068,p0101, P0102, P0106. I am cleaning out the hose and plenum, it doesn't have a regular PCV valve to change its built into the valve cover.Also, changing the spark plugs today
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