Q: My car is still leaking antifreeze from somewhere. was running hot thermostat. on 2001 Buick Century

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I change the thermostat cause it was running hot's now it's leaking antifreeze from somewhere I put stop leak in the radiator but it is still leaking. A lot of people tells me it's my radiator. I drove and turned the corner you can hear a grinding noise when I park it runs antifreeze people tells me it's my water pump. But a lot of people say that the water pump will go out before the radiator. I just need a few suggestions please on what the problem could be.
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If your water pump is grinding you can take off the belt and try to move the water pump pulley back and forth it will have lots of slop in the shaft if its bad.Also you can get a loaner tool from autozone ,called the radiator pressure will reveal leaks better than just running the engine;be careful not to pump it up higher than the maximum pressure rated on your radiator cap.
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