2000 Ford Windstar Q&A

2000 Ford Windstar Question: my car is shaking when i drive for about 7 to 10 mins

I start the car and then when I am ready to drive it stop for a second as if it is succking in air the i drive for about 5 mins and then the car starts shaking, the mecha nic change the things the wheel is connected to but it is still shaking anf making a voooooooo noise when I am driving @ 30 m/hr -
Answer 1
Do you have a Check Engine Light ever coming on? Is the shaking from the steering wheel only. Is the sound maybe coming from the exhaust? -
Answer 2
My car did something similar after it backfired one time while trying to start it. Turned out to be a vacuum line on the passenger side in the back of the engine that had come off. It was easy enough to slip back on once I found it. Do not attempt to do this while it's running. -
Answer 3
i had the same problem, and the answer was to reconnect the vacuum hose like mr clean said. -