Q: my car is leaking coolent on 2003 BMW 330i

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my car is a 2003 bmw 330i the problem i am having is, my coolent leaks very bad to the point of as soon as i pour coolent in there it immediatley comes out.. the coolent light stays on and i has that "something nis definitley wrong smell ". i dont want to run around spending and cant get the problem fixed... so i came to you... PLEASE HELP.. LEAKING COOLENT..
(2) Answers
to find the leak... you can try a few easy things... first, a clean sheet of cardboard under engine helps... and to pinpoint the problem fine sawdust of flour works to find the wet spot and easily flushed off with a hose. once you find the leak (places to check with such a BAD leak are... crack in radiator, busted radiator hose (send [to] or return [bottom]) and or the hoses going to the heater (less likely) .

also... if you're in a warm climate... water is just fine for emergencies and won't hurt environment if leaking... just remember to drain out if in cold weather, if its not all leaking out. ((((probable the lower radiator hose )))))