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Q: my car is having white fumes from exhaust,intermittent and now engine light on. on 2004 Volvo XC70

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I took my car to 50,0000 maintence at dealer. He informed me it was oil change and topping off fluids. He called later to say the computer gave no error msg, BUT I could use a tune up at $600 and front brakes and rotar change $800 and cleaning out carbon build up $850. I said I would just have the scheduled only..and research the rest since the car has no know issues for me and or computer. 2 days later my car started with white smoke. Could just be bad luck??
Could be but, change in the exhaust color means a new material is present in the exhaust. Usual cause is coolant in the exhaust due to failed head gasket. Front brake and rotor change $800 WOW! Get a regular shop to look vehicle over. This dealer is a crook!!! $600 dollar tune-up??? What is the dealer driving? A ferrari for each day of the week? Carbon clean-out $850?? Stay away from this place and find a nice shop to take vechice to. To service brakes: Brake rotors are $45 dollars each and pads cost $42 for a premium set. Parts= $132 dollars where does he assume a labor charge of $668 dollars for a 1 hour job? Carbon cleanout cost about $250 dollars and tune-up no more than $200 dollars probably should be less.
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