Q: my car is hard to start and initially runs rough every time i fill up with gas on 2004 Hyundai Sonata

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this happens every fill up, it also has a surge or it feels like a momentary power loss when idlig or accelerating. just had timing belt replaced & tune up. these didn't help any. also cleaned out gas tank vent lines
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There is a canister purge valve located on the top of the engine, back near the firewall. You can pick a new one up at a local parts store, or order them online. They are not in the most convenient location, but you can do it yourself. I had the very same problem with my wife's car, and this shaped it right up!
my 2004 sonata (6) just started doing somthing similar. Does'nt matter if you have a half tank of gas or you fill it, when you go to start the car, it stalls out. Then you have to start it, hold the brake and gun it to keep it running. After that, no problem car will start every time. Think its the cannister purge valve or cannister close valve or are they the same thing.