Q: my car is doing alot of shaking i was told that it's misfiring on 2004 Dodge Stratus

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so i had my spark plugs replaced new oil gasket and am still having the same problem with it but it only does it when am stopped at a light or stop sign. Then it goes dead but cranks back up.I even replaced front motor mount but need the other 3 for the shaking i suppose.
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The oil seal you speak of was it the spark plug tube seals at the valve cover. If these seals leak oil can fill up the spark plug tubes and cause the engine to misfire. See if oil has reappeared in the spark plug tubes and or what trouble codes are stored example Po301, p0302, P0303 or p0304?
What oil gasket and why? Is there a misfire code or CEL on? May need the other mounts but need more info. Likely not the mounts unless you feel a jolt when accel or reverse.