Q: my car hesated to start on 1991 Chevrolet Corsica

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on saturday i got into my car and started it up and it went out before i had a chance to put it in gear so i restarted it until i got it going and i had to restart it about 3 times and then i started and it went out while i was driving and i restarted it again and it seemed to be o.k. i have not had this problem before can you give some input as towhat it might be. please e-mail back an answer. thanking you in advance netta 3/9/09
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It could be that your idle speed control system is not working correctly. The minimum idle speed could be low due to a dirty throttle body or the idle air control valve could be sticking. Try giving it a little throttle when it is going to stall. If that keeps the engine from stalling then I would strongly suspect that you do have some sort of idle control problem.