Q: My car engine is knocking. I had it fixed but i recently still here it knocking. on 1993 Dodge Shadow

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I drive my car long distances about 100+ when I noticed the noise.
I took my car to the shop and they told me it was the blow out bearing. so they replaced that and got a new clutch kit.
[125,000 mile on the gauge.]
[just had the oil changed 3 weeks ago]

Now about a couple of months later I drive over 100+ miles and I stop at a gas station and turn the car off. When I come back out and start my car. I hear the loud knocking again in idling state. I wait 5 minutes but it continues to knock. I decided to keep driving and driving 25 mph it continues. When I get on the highway, 4 gear the knocking stops.

When I arrive at the next town 70+ miles I don't hear the knocking.

When I press the clutch in the knock doesn't stop, but changes into a different knocking (nothing worse or better, but you can tell).
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I don't think that the problem was completely resolved. This knocking sounds like an engine knock that changes a little when you press in the clutch because it puts some pressure on the crankshaft. Take it back to the shop and ask them about this ASAP. I really think that they missed a part of your problem.
I'll go do that. I know they said if it continues, take it back so they can diagnose the problem.

Thanks for that little brief description on the problem.