Q: my car does'nt start on 2000 Chevrolet Venture

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my chevy venture do not start, I just hear a click, but if i use jump cables starts inmediatally and on the little screen appears a SECURITY word. i run the car for almost 20 minutes and when i turned off, it not starts again.
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If a car won't start or crank over, turn on the head lights see if they are bright. If they are not bright it pretty much confirms you have a bad battery, seeing as it starts when you "jump" it off another car. Battery voltage fully charged should be 12.6 volts at rest (engine not running). Turn on the ignition key see if the battery light comes on (if it doesn't that needs to be investigated!), once the engine starts and runs battery voltage should reach 14.6 volts or so if the alternator is operating properly. A battery normally last 3 to 4 years sometimes 6 or 7 years but thats a streach. When was your battery last replaced?
Try removing the bolts that hold the battery cables on the battery.Clean the the surface on the cables that touch the battery. Corrosion can cause a bad connection and starting problems.