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Q: My car died out on 1994 Geo Prizm

Well, I thought I would give an update. My car was in the shop almost all day today and when I came to pick it up they told me they could find nothing wrong with it. They said they performed an engine diagnostics on it and the only code that came up was my nox sensor but the mechanic told me that there is a very narrow adjustment for that sensor and would not cause my car to die on me. With no other choice I took my car and left. I was on my way driving home when my car just died out on me again. When the car dies it just abruptly dies, it doesn't kick or make any noise at all when it dies out. The funny thing is when my car dies, I give it a minute and it starts right back up. This time when it died the check engine light came on and the battery light came on. I called Niebling and the owner came up to meet me. He followed me back to the shop, it did not die on the way back to the shop. Niebling told me that since the car is not dying while they're present they don't know what to tell me. They can't fix it if they don't know when, why or what's happening. They told me so many things could cause my car to die out that it's hard to tell what unless the car dies while it's with them. So, I handed over my keys and told them to keep it for a night or two. The owner is going to drive it home tonight and drive it to work in the morning and see if it dies on him while he's driving it. I feel like they're not really helping me. I don't think they really care and I am beginning to feel helpless. I don't know what's wrong with my car but I want to get it fixed. I'd hate to see my car go because it's always been such a great car up until now suddenly. Does anyone want to take a stab at what may be causing this problem? I am thinking about taking it to a delaership and having them fix the car, I didn't really want to go that route because I know they will charge me to the very end but I feel like the dealership may be last hope, they may be the only ones that would know this car inside and out well enough to figure out what is causing this problem.
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Intermittent stalling problems can be VERY difficult to diagnose. Taking your 1994 Geo Prizm to the dealer may result in the same result - "we cannot fix your car because it is not acting up". There is a lot of truth to that statement. Having your mechanic drive your car is a good place to start but please consider this. If your car dies while your mechanic is driving it and it starts right back up there is really no way to diagnose the problem, all he has done is to confirm your problem. Stalling conditions where the vehicle will not start right back up are much easier to diagnose because tests can be made while the vehicle will not start. If the vehicle starts right back up as is the case with your Prizm it makes diagnoses very difficult. Please give your mechanic a chance, I am sure he wants your car fixed as much a you do!

I had a similar problem with my 94 Prizm.It died on me several times and it started at first try.I checked my battery terminals, they were corroded, I cleaned them with baking soda and warm water and a battery cleaner (there are small wires in it, when you turn it it cleans), I tightened the terminals, made sure the battery is secure and not moving.Thank God I have not experienced the same problem after that.
I think if you do the same your problem will disappear.
yah i agree i have a 2000 saturn sl and i was driving down my hill yesterday and it just died on me i put it in nuetral immediately and let it cruise down the hill.. i turned the key to off then turned it back to the run position and my lights came on for a split second.. i tried to turn my blinker on then it died again instantly.. i checked my battery terminals and my friend wiggled them around as i tried to start the car.. it started like a charm.. maybe i should have my terminals cleaned up also.... because its not that their loose, i got em on there real tight..
my 1993 m3rcury dies at times when it is hot i shake the battery negative bat. cable and it will start help
Did you find the cause?The exact thing just happened to me execpt I had semi trucks coming at me on a 6 lane hwy in the middle of rush hour traffic. Please let me know what you find out.
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