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Q: MY car diagnostic test shows 4 misfires and an idle control problem on 2004 Toyota Corolla

please, help the diagnostic test shows 4 misfires and an idle control problem.
is it possible that all the 4 cylinders can have a misfire or there might be another problem. can the misfires cause idle control not to work, or wiseworse the idle control problem does the misfires,i want to get to the root of the problem and not to fix everything in the car as a dealership wanted. help thank you
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i have the answer if you want it give me you ss# and cc# also need a credit report. just kidding email me and i will responde you will be surprised and mad at the same time when i tell you.
Hi, I have a P0304 code with Cylinder #4 misfire, since youm offer the other person help, would it be ok for me to ask if you would help me?
What is your e-mail, I have tried wires, button, new rotor? Still having idle issues and putter sounds....
hi, just got there thru google. I know this is an old post but i still spent time reading it. normally, the misfires are around two. it's impossible to have four misfires at the same time. try checking the spark plug or the alternator. if the problem keeps on happening you have no option than to have acar diagnostic test. You can visit the nearest auto service center or better make a contact online.
I also have the same problem. Can you please share your solution. I am ready to quit on this cadi cts 2006.
I have the same problem. The dealer has just informed me that my manifold gasket is bad and needs replacing. I will know more tomorrow
hello was reading your post did replacing the manifold gasket solve your problem. intake manifold right.
Sorry I did not respond sooner. I was a guest of the state as they say for the past 9 months. LOLZ!!

They also replaced some part of the computer component that is responsible for fuel being sent to the cylinders.


It was bad SENSORS. F#$K this computerized CRAP. I do not trust the local repair shop, (TOYOTA DEALER) Between my 04 Carolla and me wifes MATRIX, I feel they always find an extra $1500 of work that needs immediate attention


2000'S TOYOTAS ARE NOT 1970--80 +90'S TOYOTAS. I have lost a ton of respect for them as a company since they have admitted covering up the problem of the GAS PEDALS sticking.

Oh well, they HAD a good run
misfires will cause the engine to idle poorly. Can you post the diagnostic trouble codes that were recorded? What did the shop recommend replacing?
Good info and very good instinct. Replacing all 4 injectors will not solve this problem. My first thoughts are that there is a problem with the idle control valve, or there may be a large leak in the intake system.
How is the engine running? How does it idle?
My diagnostic shows p300 random misfire,(that means that misfire travels from one injector to others Right?) Diagnostic test Also shows p301,p302,p303,p304 all 4 misfires plus idle control p0505. The dealership told me to replace 4 fuel injectors. That is bizzare because The code P201... for each of the injector is not on. So the problem is not injectors Right? Thank you
i also have the same problem what i noticed was after removeing intake his problem started i cleaned the throttle body
and blew it out with air the next thing i will replace intake gasket. about 20.00$ i don't think my sensors and coils and plug could have gone bad from removeing intake.gasket yes the idle was smooth before this
My Toyt Corolla diagnostic codes was P302 was misfiring, despite we just replace 4 sparkplugs and sparkplug wires. It's high/rough idle. How to lower the idle? Thnxs.
I'm having the exact same problem could someone share the solution with myself as well.
This has been a major headache
I'm the original poster

I believe I wrote this in response to the idle issue

They also replaced some part of the computer component that is responsible for fuel being sent to the cylinders

My issue was so long ago I really don't remember it in detail but INTERNAL COMPUTER CHIP seems to stick to my memory

My corolla now has 140k miles and this issue and 1 with my AC are the only problems I've had with the automobile

EXCEPT-------I have noticed that Carollas and Camrys made in 02 thru 05??? Lose their HUBCAPS real easily. I am missing 3

I notice this on other cars on the road. I do believe that this was a defect that Toyota never addressed

Good luck
I am dealing with the same exact problem! any help would be greatly appreciated that way I don't get raped at the shop. I hope this thread is still alive....
The main problem is the ecu that was my issue.
I have an extra unit if you are interested,you would have to get the part number for your original ecu.
But first confirm that's the problem.
Usually the misfire will remain even after rotating,or replacing ignition coils and spark plugs.
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