Q: My car check Traction and ABS light is on. on 2005 Chevrolet Uplander

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When I come to a braking or press on the gas to pull off the car on the right side trembles and the ABS and Traction light comes on. After awhile of driving they go off. The check engine light is on as well. Problem occurs daily. Also check gas cap light comes on after readjusting.
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you need a shop with a scan tool to pull the code for the abs and diag the failed part and replace as needed. when the abs is repaired, the trac light will go away.

same for the evap large leak. you need a shop to diag the system for the failure and give you a bid.

Thanx Roy! You don't happen to know how much this will cost approximately do you? Money is an issue but I need my car its my only transportation. Do I have to take it to the dealership. That is where I been getting my work done.
stay away from a dealership. go to a indepent shop and have them do the check and give you a bid.
the diag should be around 75-80 and the repairs will vary according to the failure.

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