Q: My Camry has burned oil since the day I have bought it. on 1997 Toyota Camry

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The dealer said it was normal when I bought it new. Is it normal to add oil to this engine every 1400 miles? Mechanics have verify there are no leaks.
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How many miles on this engine? Do you see any oil under the front of the car where it is parked the most?
On this engine oil leaks more common than oil consumption.
Have a cylinder leak-down test performed to check condition of rings. Do you (or someone following you) see blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe? Have you visually inspected underneath the car for signs of oil blowing back on undercarriage? And again , how many miles on it? Answer #1 is correct in saying those engines had more trouble with leaks than with consumption.
I bought the car NEW in 1997 from a dealer. It has doing it since I bought it. I didn't realize that my ex husband had been adding oil to it every 2 months (eqvl to miles posted). No oil drips under engine, no blue smoke. I was just wondering if anyone had heard of this oddity.
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