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Q: my camaro stalls but would restart but now no restart on 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

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i have a 5.7 camaro it runs great but now it stalls at the times it whiches with no indication its running ruff. it has stalled and now will not start. i was driving and she ran fine but while waiting at the light she just cut out with no start up i had it towed what would the guess work on this be? i know with all of the relay switches, sensors, and eec this would be hard to diagnose without quipment but does anybody want to help on this one?i have just had this happen could the battery run down due to the altenator being bad as far as bad field wire return, or regulator,or the diode being bad without any forwarning?
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Ignition system and fuel pump issues are not uncommon for your 1995 Chevrolet Camaro. The first question would be does your engine crank over and not start or does it not crank over at all. A no crank condition would be caused by a problem with the starting or charging system. If the engine cranks OK and will not start then you should suspect an ignition or fuel system problem. If the battery is low causing a no crank condition, charge it up and see if the engine will start. If it starts then you can diagnose charging system problems if necessary. If the engine cranks and won't start then proper diagnoses of the ignition and fuel systems would be in order.
Simular to the problem I'm working on. My son's 91 rs v8 devoloped a bad stall, that changed into being able to crank but not start. I diag. the trouble as an igntion control mod. It's located under the distributor cap cost ~ 40.00 local and you can install in about 1/2 hr. Now the car will run but have I have a couple of other ghost. Intermittantly the starter will not crank, (it's only a year old),battery has plenty of current, I don't think the starter is bad. It still has an intermittant bad miss/stall while driving, no codes to read but the sevice engine light will flash during the miss. I've got good 12v at the coil and it ohms good. I plan to pull and clean the IAC tonight. Too many differnet things happing at once? maybe somthing to do with security system or the computer? thanks for any help. Jeff
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