Q: My brake and abs lights are on. on 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

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Im having trouble passin inspection on my 2002 avalanche. My brake and abs lights are on. They arent always on sometimesthey go off and the come back. I replaced the brake light control switch attached to the pedal to get rid of one of the problems but it didnt work. I can't pass inspection cause of this and dont wanna spend over 1000 on the abs module. Does any know what else it might be
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Have the ABS scanned. It is most likely a wheel speed sensor/circuit problem but a scanner is needed for testing!
Do you hear ABS activation at times when stopping and turning the steering wheel? Sounds like a growling noise and the brake pedal kicks back a little. IF turning when this happens, most likely a connector problem. If it does this at any time most likely a sensor problem. Scanner will conform which wheel the problem is at.
I think it does kick back the pedal a little. Ill drive and test it and you said it might be a wheel speed sensor or connector. What kind of connector are you referring to?