Q: My blower motor quit working. Fuse is fine. Who can check the relay for me? on 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara

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I called the dealership and they want 85.00 to check out the whole system to see if that's the problem. If blower motor is bad, the part itself is 500.00 plus labor and something else that has to be put on as well. I know they charge out the butt and I am hours from the nearest dealer. Where is the blower motor located so I can check it out for myself if the relay is not the problem? Also, what else would cause the blower motor to just up and quit without any signs?
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Relay usually don't go bad but you can try to bring it to your dealer for testing. You can also test for yourself by let someone turn on the key but do not start the engine and locate the blower motor relay and touch it with finger while the other person turn the key if you hear CLICK your relay is okay.
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