Q: My battery goes dead in every 2 days on 2002 Ford Crown Victoria

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Battery goes dead every couple of days. Battery and alternator are fairly new and have been checked. No lights are on, no doors are open. I've been having this problem for over a year now. I have to remove the hotwire from the battery every night. There's a short somewhere. Talked to a couple of mechanics and they said it's really expensive to locate it. Any suggestions on where to start?
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Electrical work in any car is risky and complicated,but my first suggestion would be to recall any work you've had done in the last year that might account for the short to occur,such as installing a new stereo system,a new starter or altenator,anything electrical???....start there and trace it back.Another thing to look at is the hood and trunk lights...inspect the wiring and make sure they are turning off when closed.Open all doors and inspect the wiring looms for dried and cracked insulation or broken wires...I've seen this problem before.
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