Q: My automatic seat adjustment is very slow at time and seems to be grinding. on 2008 Nissan Maxima

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I have one of those automatic adjusting seats that go back when I shut down and when I start up it sets seat in my correct position. When starting up it goes very slow and has a grinding sound.
(2) Answers
You have either grime and or dirt or some object under the seat in the tracks that this seat is supposed to GLIDE on. Make sure that you have no spills or other garbage built up under your seat that would obstruct the path of the two rails on either side of your seat under where the floor board is.
If this is not the case then the motor itself could be bad. There are gears in the motor and the glides of witch your seat is attached. It could be both or just one. Elliminate the seat it self by cleaning thouroughly under and pulling up some carpet as I am sure you will have to and lubricate well the tracks with good lubricants that the car manufacturer suggests. A 2008 to me is not that old to tell me it is the motor which is a more expensive part. I suggest a thourough house cleaning under your rump.