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Q: My am/fm radio does not work for a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird. Why not? on 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

Occasionally the light for the clock and radio stations comes on, works for awhile and then no power or illumination. I tried 2 diff. ones and same things happen. Wiring harness looks in good shape. Someone said maybe BCM Body Contol module? Where is that? TY
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Check power and ground circuits with a test light/ voltmeter while the radio is still connected. If you have the power and good ground circuits then you just need to get a good radio. (Yea that would mean three bad ones)
TY. When checked I only have 1 power supply(yellow wire) and I assume that is for the clock but when the radio works I get 2 wire power supplies which is rarely. I can't figure out why the intermittent power supply? Including my radio I already have tried 3 radios. Fuses are good. What could cause the problem between the radio and the fuse box? Someone suggested the body control module. What is that? When it does work I can disconnect the radio and the radio still plays. I should sell tickets to that one. When it first happened a Gospel station was playing. I thought God was speaking ro me but turns out not because it does it on other channels
Run your own switched power circuit. Wire from a source that is switched off with the key.
TY. I may have to do that. On second thought that may not work. On these cars the cassette is seperate from the AM FM radio but their is only 1 clip in the rear of the radio that contros everything for the wiring and somehow feeds the cassette. I suspect the Am/FM radio is just a tuner and on off switch. if I feed power direct, whatever is causing the problem may react(relay?). If I cut the radio wire off and feed it key power it will just run the am/fm tuner not the cassette and if the radio guts are in the cassette, it will not even run the radio. The only explanation I can come up with the radio running even disconnected when their is power is that the radio guts are in the back of the cassette and the radio is only a tuner.
I have wired up more stereos than i can count! The radio controls it ALL. Cassette plays through the radio amp! You can always take it to an audio tech, or "have" another stereo installed.
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The orange wire pin #10 should have power all of the time (RDO fuse #1), the yellow wire pin #9 should have power when the key is on (RDO fuse #2). Pin #5 black is the ground circuit.
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