Q: My air conditioner stopped working today. It blows out uncooled air. on 2007 Ford Escape

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My person who changed my oil said it wasn't a fuse, relay or freon problem so it must be an electrical problem. Could this be because I recently had a new battery installed? What type of money are we talking to fix an electrical problem associated with the air conditioner?
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I would have the HVAC system checked to see if there is a computer code stored. Your system is computer controlled and most faults will set a diagnostic code.
Cost to check what code is in the vehicle is free. The cost to diaagnose or fix the AC system is variable, depending on what is found wrong.
Did the AC work after the battery was installed?
Yes - its been about 2 months since I changed the battery and the AC went out this morning. Is this something I need to do at a Ford dealership or can I do it anywhere?
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You do not have to go to the dealer. Any properly equipped repair shop should be able to address the problem. We, at Fairway Auto Repair can help
I bought mine in 07. Within 30 days my air went out. Ford fixed it no problem, faulty wire in the dash took them 1 week. The air went out 1 year later diff problem. Well it is now going out again. The air conditioning in this truck sucks. Now it costs me 100.00 each time.
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