Q: my acura mdx-2001.the check engine light is allways on and now the vtm-4 is on on 2001 Acura MDX

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driving up a snow covered hill here in switzerland the vtm-4 light came on and switched off the 4wd which caused the car to slide out of control! is this normal?my Honda Garage here in switzerland dosant have the Software on his control Computer for acura mdx as the car is not sold here.
what do you recomend......?
thanks Jeff.
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Concentrate on the Check Engine light issue first. There are a number of engine performance codes that cause the system to shut down the VTM-4 system. Even though he doesn't have Acura in his scan tool, he should still be able to access Global OBDII. (generic codes and data) That might be enough, it might not.