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Q: My A/C works great when I'm moving, but when I stop, there is no air flow. on 2002 Saturn SL2

It appears the fan is OK and running in the morning before the heat of the day, but the hotter the outside temperature reaches, the less A/C comes out and the fan only works sporadicaly.
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put the system on re-circulate rather than 'fresh' and see if you still have airflow.Can you manually control the fan speed ? does the blower motor make any wierd noises when it does work?
I have tried the re-circulate button with no change - although cooling is better without it. There is a manual dial for the fan speed, but it is the same whether on high or low speed - it either works or doesn't work. In the morning, when cooler, the fan works fine. It's only when it is hotter during the day that it doesn't work except when moving. No weird blower motor noises are detected.
The "except when I'm moving" part is why I'm leaning toward the blower motor not working.When your at 50 MPH or more turn the fan speed dial to 'off' and put it on recirculate ...does the airflow stay the same or does it stop?
Thank you! I'll try this on the way home from work this afternoon. I'll let you know what I find out.
I have a 1995 grand caravan I HATE and some explosives....if I don't get a reply soon ,I'm gonna.....Oh never mind...I'll just be patient (I'm off Wed. - Fri. I'm bored!) just kidding let me know your results whenever.
I turned off the fan and pushed the recirculate button when I was at full speed on the freeway. That turned off all the air. Once I released the recirculate button, the air flow was cool and felt great. As everyone in this area, we're experiencing sweltering heat and it's Atlanta, so there is no way to keep moving without hitting traffic or a light, etc. Do you have any ideas what the problem might be?
Thanks so much - very thoughtful questions.
You sound very lucid compliments . now back to the fan..To blow or not to blow ...that is now the question we have left.This next time do the same stuff turn off fan then put on recirculate air stops right?... Now LEAVE IT ON RECIRCULATE make sure the 'mode selector is on vents only -no defrost that might default to 'fresh'..... still no air blowing right ... now turn the fan on you actually hear the sound of an electric motor running (may need to put it on high). This you can also do sitting in the driveway (much safer)You should also hear air being drawn in by the fan sound should be coming from under the glove box. Whatcha got?....I'll be checking back. Good luck for now.
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